Spring 2021 | Banana editor - Project for introductory OOP course
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Banana Editor

Probably tastes better than any Apple editor and NetBeans combined.

--> See project requirement details here <--

In order to run the program, use run.bat if using Windows or run.sh if using UNIX based OS

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  • Tabs
  • Modeline w/ linenumbers
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Filetree
  • Line numbers
  • Shortcuts
  • Change languages
  • Toggle line comment
  • Soft wrap
  • Darkmode/Lightmode or color themes
  • Add icons for files/folders in filetree
  • Add code coverage check to verify quality of unit tests
  • Search
  • And replace


  • Papirus -> Icons for filetree
  • StackOverflow/38278601 -> Example of how to generate and show a filetree recursively.
  • Youtube/ProgrammingKnowledge -> Introduction to the fundamentals to create a filetree.
  • GenuineCoder -> Examples of how to use FileChooser and setting extensionfilters. Also included a nice method to save files.
  • Tutorialspoint -> Example of how to use the openSaveDialog with FileChooser.
  • mkyoung -> Example of how to create a directory/folder.
  • Youtube/Cool IT Help -> Showing how to cast (Stage). Example of how FXML, listener/event and DirectyChooser nicely can cooperate.
  • Code Makery -> Examples of many different javafx dialogs.
  • Oracle -> How to use JOption.