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Nix expressions for managing hosts, dotfiles, packages etc.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Dart 0 0

A SQLite database containing open source japanese language translation data

Updated 1 month ago

Dictionary application for studying japanese

Updated 4 months ago

Python 0 0

Some good old dotfiles. Will probably be deprecated in favour of nix-dotfiles

Updated 4 months ago

An unofficial api for searching and scraping the japanese dictionary Jisho.org

Updated 5 months ago

Proof of concept API usage and canvas in Elm

Updated 6 months ago

Collection of DSLs which can solve discrete mathematics problems.

Updated 6 months ago

Haskell 0 0

Website built with nix and hakyll

Updated 6 months ago

TeX 0 0

TeX styles for schoolwork and other things

Updated 6 months ago

Lists of words to use for JLPT preparation

Updated 7 months ago

Kanimaji for Flutter

Updated 8 months ago

Webscraping discord bot, updating you when a new math assignment is out

Updated 2 years ago